Motorola Razr Flip Phone Specification

Motorola Razr Flip Phone Remember the original  Motorola Razr phone? Now in 2020 Motorola is bringing it back with new and stylish foldable twist Flip phone. The Motorola company has announced to lunch Motorola Razr Foldable phone with 6.2-inch


Telenor Call Packages – Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Telenor Call Packages Telenor 4G is the best and successful 4G network and provide best services to their customer in all over the Pakistan. Telenor 4G brings affordable and attractive Hourly, Daily, Weekly and monthly Telenor call packages to


How many countries in the world

Total World Population The most famous and very important question is How many countries in the world? and second is How many people lives in the world OR total world population in the world ? In this post we



Steve jobs story in urdu

Steve Jobs Story in Urdu

Steve Jobs کی زندگی کا جائزہ اگر ہم اس دور کے مشہور اور امیر ترین لوگوں کی بات کریں تو ان میں بل گیٹس ، مارک زکربرگ،شاہد خان اور Steve Jobs جیسے نام ناقابل ذکر