Biography Founder of KFC Colonel Sanders

 Biography Founder of KFC Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders the Founder of “KFC”

When we want to do something in our life and when we don’t get succeed in our goals, sometimes we feel that now we will never get success in our goals, but that people who get succeed due to their  hard work and they are also known as a great person in the world, they have faced very disappointed their life but they never gave up their goals but some people teach us how to get our goals and their lives is for a good example for us here I will tell you biography founder of KFC Colonel Sanders.

The story of the “Colonel Sanders”, who is the founder of the world’s most famous fast food restaurant “KFC”, Colonel Sanders’s story is incredible. Colonel Sanders was born in the city of the United States Henryville, in 1890. When he was just only 6 years old, so his father has passed away and his mother used to work in a factory and she was forced to work more hours for her children, Colonel Sanders started cooking from his childhood for his younger siblings. When Colonel Sanders was about 12 years old, his mother married second and his stepfather disliked children, then Colonel Sanders decided to leave home and at the age of 12, he left home and started job at the same time he also decided to leave the school and he left school in the seventh class, Colonel Sanders told wrong age and joined the American Army, but a year later, he was fired from the army after knowing his real age, after fired from army Colonel Sanders joined in railway, he decided to start his study with his railway job, but he was also fired from railway due to fighting with the co-worker. So he admitted to a school but there was also ban on his examination due to the fight with the examiner, Colonel Sanders went to his mother’s house after being rejected from everywhere and he was a joined as a life insurance agent but he was fired due to did not obey his senior leader. In 1920, Colonel Sanders established a small company after collecting money, but due to lack of profits, this company had to sell out, he established another company where was made a lamp, you would not believe that his luck was at the same time that another company was already making a lamp like that and he did not know and his this business also failed.

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There was nothing more than the failure of Colonel Sanders’s life. Colonel Sanders married in 1929 and next year, at the age of 40, he opened a small burger and chicken shop at the gas station and was selling food to the passengers, he had his own chicken recipe, which he was prepared for his siblings, its food was so tasty that’s why he was famous in this area very soon, perhaps it was the first success of his life. Colonel Sanders opened a stunning restaurant with the same gas pump from a short store, which he had kept that name “Kentucky fried chicken” when everything was getting well and his restaurant was very famous, he made a hotel with his restaurant, after a few years the hotel  was burnt  to a fountain that reached its restaurant and burned everything. Still, the dignified person opened a new restaurant, and he decided to open KFC branches in different cities after he worked hard to open several branches of KFC in different cities. KFC means is Kentucky fried chicken. Kentucky is a state of America where he used to live. He was 74 years old, his business was going on well, he sold KFC. He sold out KFC in 2 million US dollars, and he started working as an advisor at KFC. Photo of Colonel Sanders was never removed from KFC’s logo, perhaps a reason that he was very popular among the people and KFC new owner considered it by marketing, KFC’s name was not named by Colonel Sanders, it was named by the painter. In 1980, When he passed away from this world, Kentucky state down the American flag for 4 days on the Kentucky state building.

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