Biography of Sir Isaac Newton

 Biography of Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton

No invention can be made for a big thought, it is said that the world’s great scientist Sir Isaac Newton. Those who played a significant role in solving a lot of difficulties in Physics, Mathematics, and astrology, He has given such a formula to the world that led to a revolution in the world. Newton cleared the law of gravity while earlier, some scientists were working on this topic, but they did not clear it yet, Newton further advised the world that the gravity is such an attractive everything that leads to the earth, and therefore the moon moves around the earth, and the earth moves around the sun. In addition, Isaac Newton invented the laws of motion, which is most commonly used in physics, the laws are known as the law of the Newton.

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Isaac Newton was born in a very poor family on December 25, 1642, and his father had died when he was born. Newton was very weak and ill at birth, and he was difficult to survive. When Newton was 3 years old, his mother married another, Newton’s stepfather used to hate Newton, due to this reason Newton had lived with his grandma and grandpa. Initial state, due to their illness, Newton could not speak correctly, due to this reason which he did not have any friends and even some people called him crazy. In childhood, he sat separately and thinking about the moon and stars. Due to his illness, Newton started going to school at the age of 12 and he received his initial education The King’s School, Grantham. Newton was not well in studying, and due to weakness in studies, Newton had left his study, after his Stepfather’s had died, he again came to his mother, but they had no financial resources, and it was also difficult to spend the house expenses, for that Newton’s mother wanted that Newton had become the farmer and taken the responsibilities of house expenses, but Newton did not want to farmer, Once again he had taken admission in the school. Now this time Newton had decided he studying hard, he had started his study hard and he became the topper student in the school in 1661, he had taken admission at Trinity College, Cambridge. In 1664, he received the scholarship in his university, in 1665 during his study, he had invented some mathematical rule which has named calculus. In 1665, he had completed his B. A, after completing his B.A he had researched the law of motion and law of gravity and after some year he had to get success. At last, he had died on 20 March 1727.

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