Father of Chemistry Jabir-bin-Hayyan

 Father of Chemistry Jabir-bin-Hayyan

Father of Chemistry Jabir-bin-Hayyan

Muslim Scientist and Chemistry

In the past, Muslim writings contained numerous books that were filled with inventions and discoveries. Unfortunately, 3 crore books of Muslims have waste in fire and water. According to an estimate, two books out of 3,000 books remain safe. Some books are present in the library and museums of Western countries, and others are in the library and museums of Muslim countries, Muslims were work in all parts of the science field and we discussed the life of the Father of Chemistry.

Father of Chemistry Abu Musa Jabir-Bin-Hayyan Al-Azdi

Abu Musa Jabir bin Hayyan was born 721 Hijri in Tous, Iran and died in 815 Hijri Kufa, Jabir bin Hayyan was a prominent mathematician, chemist, expertise, philosophers, specialist medicine, psychology, expert astrology, alchemist, and a physician. He studied in Tous, Tous is the ancient city of Iran and it is located in the middle of Khorasan, He traveled Kufa. Jabir is called the first practical alchemist. He was a natural philosopher whose identifies the difference in opinion was that he was from Arabic, came from Kufa and settled in Khorasan, Iran or he was Iranian and later went to Kufa or as some people thought of staying in Syria. And later Iran went away. Your family background is not clear, according to some traditions, you were Hayyan al-Azdi who were pharmaceutical, who belonged to the Arab tribe Azd and migrated from Yemen to Kufa. He became the alchemist at the court of Caliph Haroon Rasheed, for which he wrote his book “Kitab al-Zuhra”. Jabir’s father’s career played a major role in his Chemistry, he was closed on the house in Kufa, where he remained until his death and it is said that he was also the student of Imam Jafar Sadiq and Harbi al-Himyari.

Muslim’s Chemistry

  • Muslims introduce the world to many sciences, an important knowledge in them is the Chemistry and the inventor of Chemistry is Muslim.
  • Muslims made a great chemistry experiment and applied knowledge and used for dyeing and pharmaceuticals.
  • Jabir bin Haiyan is known as the father of the Chemistry, and they invented ways to crystallization and filter.
  • Jabir bin Hayyan was first to introduce the method of separation of NaOH.
  • Jabir bin Haiyan made many types of acids such as nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, silver nitrate and ammonia chloride etc.
  • Jabir discovered process to paint paper and clothes, prepared the solution of hair to darken and Invented Formula of grease.
  • Jabir discovered such powerful acid that used to melt gold, and he invented an instrument for distillation Alembic.
  • Arab introduced many compounds in the medical world such as nitric acid, sulfuric acid, Nitro-hydrochloric acid, liquor ammonia, mercury, chloride, mercury oxide, potassium nitrate etc.
  • Muslims introduced the difference in alkalies and acids.
  • Muslims developed at least 12 types of plants and mineral acid.
  • Abu Mansur Ibn Ali highlighted the difference between sodium carbonate and potassium carbonate.
  • Al-Razi was the first chemist who described that three types of sulfur, salt, and mercury are found in all kinds of items, and he prepared glycerine from olive oil.


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