Facts about Mars Planet and compare to the Earth

 Facts about Mars Planet and compare to the Earth

Mars Planet

Overview of Mars Planet

The ancient Greeks called this planet Mars due to red color, ancient Chinese astronomers are praised by fire star, The Mars is a planet of the solar system, which is very similar to the Earth. According to the scientist, there is a 60% chance of life survival and it is said that its shape was like earth many years ago and the existence of life was present.

The distance from the Sun to Mars is 227.9 million kilometers and the distance from the Earth is 54.6 million kilometers while as per classification it is the fourth star of the solar system. The surface area of the Mars is 144.8 million kilometers and called a red star due to its specific environment, its temperature is minimized -143° C and maximizes 35° C  and the mass is 6.39 × 10^23 kilogram. The gases found include carbon dioxide 95.97%, carbon monoxide 0.0557%, nitrogen 1.89%, oxygen 0.146% and argon 1.93%  and there are also found water and methane gas. Scientists started the mission in 1960, according to an estimate, 39 missions have been dispatched, out of which only 16 were successful. The surface gravity is 3.711 m/s². According to the scientists, its surface is very similar to our land, but due to lack of gravity, if you jump over it, so you can jump up to 3 times higher than Earth. Some pieces of the Mars were found on the Earth, which was made to facilitate the mission of space scientists after the investigation. The Mars is actually the name of a hill world, whereas the mountain height is 21 kilometers, which is the second highest mountain in the solar system. According to scientific investigations, it is also swallowing its lava today. The Mars’s year is equal to 687 days compared to the earth. Another amazing thing is that if the sun is seen from there it is seen half as compared to the earth.

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Mars Physical Characteristic as Compared to Earth



Radius 6.371 km Radius 3,390 km
Surface Area 510.1 million km² Surface Area 144.8 million km²
Mass 5.972 × 10^24 kg Mass 6.39 × 10^23 kg
Density 5.51 g/cm³ Density 3.93 g/cm³
Surface Gravity 9.807 m/s² Surface Gravity 3.711 m/s²
Minimum Temperature −89.2 °C Minimum Temperature -143° C
Maximum Temperature 56.7 °C Maximum Temperature 35° C
Nitrogen Gas 78.08% Nitrogen Gas 1.89%
Oxygen 20.95% Oxygen 0.146%
Argon 0.930% Argon 1.93%
Carbon Dioxide 0.0402% Carbon Dioxide 95.97%
Volume 1.08321 x 10^12 km³ Volume 1.6318×1011 km

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