Famous Inventions of the Muslim Scientist

 Famous Inventions of the Muslim Scientist

Famous Inventions Muslim Scientist

Famous Inventions of Muslim

There was a time that Muslim scientists were known because of their famous inventions in the world. Ibn-e-Sina, Al-Jazari, Mohammad Abu Musa Al Kharazmimi and many scientists like that have invented many things that we all use today, but we do not know who is that inventor, there was a time that Mughal King Shah, where he made the Taj Mahal from the treasury of his entire nation, and the Muslims went away from science, in the meantime, whereas the rest of the world was studying science and education.


The camera has become a very important thing today if we study in the history of the first concept of the camera called the Pinhole camera was actually given by a famous Muslim scientist Ibne-Al Haytham and he invented the first type of the camera called the Pin Hole Camera. It comes from the Arabic word “Kamra“, which mean is a dark room, and later the first picture of the history from the camera was taken in 1816.


Around 1000 years ago by making Wright brothers’ Aeroplane, the famous Muslim scientist Abbas Ibn Firnas tried to fly for the first time in the history. In 852 he climbed to a mosque and tied to cloth with wood and tried to fly like a bird, But he fell down after the covered some distance and he was getting injured. In 875, when he was 70 years old, Abbas Ibn Firnas succeeded in inventing the machine with silk clothes and eagle wings. Now he climbed on a mountain and tried to fly, this time he covered a certain distance, after flying up to 10 minutes, he came down, but his landing was not well, Its machine is also called the first parashot in the history. Abbas Ibn Firnas was the first person in the history who succeeded to fly. On the Baghdad international airport is a statue of Abbas Ibn Firnas.


Modern maths also invented Muslim mathematician Muhammad Ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi and Al-Kindi. Algebra was named in a book of al-Khwarizmi, after 300 years an Italian mathematician introduced al-Khwarizmi and al-Kindi work in Europe.

Father of Chemistry Jabir-bin-Hayyan


The person who invented the clock was a Muslim named Al-Jazari. He was from Turkey and was a great engineer of his era. By 1206 Al-Jazari was making a lot of watches, these watches were of different sizes and shapes, it was also used to know the time of prayer.

Founder of the Modern University

Very few people know that the founder of modern university was a Muslim woman. In the 9th century, Fatima al-Fihri founded the first university in the history, which also given degree. Fatima al Fihri was a wealthy trader’s daughter, Fatima along with her sister Maryam, spread this university and also built in a mosque. They named that the university “University of Al Quaraouiyine“, which is still 1200 years old and is the world’s oldest university.

Science and the Era of Muslims Development

Medical Instruments

Muslims was not behind in the medical, even today’s instruments of surgery are present in the same design that designated by the Muslim surgeon, Al-Zahrawi in the 10th century, from surgical scissors to eye surgery instruments and same as two hundred surgical instruments Al-Zahrawi had invented. In the 13th century, another Muslim surgeon, Ibn Al-Nafis, described the pulmonary circulation of the blood, but this credit was given to the William Harvey 300 years later.

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