General Knowledge Part 01

 General Knowledge Part 01

General Knowledge

Interesting General Knowledge

Let’s tell you unique General Knowledge, The one of whom you have read earlier, and some will be new to you, which you will enjoy after reading and this information will also increase your knowledge.

  1. Human brain spends 70% of old memories or sketches of future golden memories.
  2. laugh for 15 minutes is as beneficial for the body as it is equal to two hours to sleep.
  3. In a cold cough, chocolate shows five times a better effect than the syrup. So eat chocolate in a cold cough.
  4. Make your full effort, you can not remember where your dream started.
  5. The closest planet from the earth is the sun, which is about 93 million miles away from the earth.
  6. The idea of breaking the stone in the bladder came to the first Arab physicians.
  7. The power of listening to horses, cat, and rabbit is more than humans; they can shake their ears to hear weak voices.
  8. Turtles, bee, and snakes are deaf.
  9. The world’s largest park is in Canada.
  10. The highest mountain in the world is found in Switzerland.
  11. The amount of vitamin C in the pepper is highest than all the fruit and vegetable.
  12. one week was 10 days in Pharaoh’s era Egypt.
  13. The taste sensation of a butterfly is on its back foot.
  14. Cool water is lighter than hot water.
  15. The average age of the wheel is 500 years.
  16. Most of the rubber trees are found in Southeast Asia.
  17. Ketchup used to be used as a medicine in the 18th century.
  18. The average age of the crow is up to 500 years.
  19. There is no bone in the shark body.
  20. Jelly Fish does not have a brain.
  21. Penguin passes half a part of his life in water and a half on dry.
  22. The squirrel is blind at the time of birth.
  23. The egg of shark is the biggest in the world.
  24. Penguin can convert salt water into sweet water.
  25. If Gold Fish is caught in a low light, so it loses its color.
  26. Elephant teeth have the honor of being the world’s largest teeth.
  27. The world’s smallest cockroach size is only 3 mm.
  28. Shark teeth fall every week.
  29. The river horse is able to look at two different directions at the same time.
  30. African elephants have 4 teeth.

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