General Knowledge Part 02

 General Knowledge Part 02

General Knowledge part two

Interesting General Knowledge

Let’s tell you again unique General Knowledge. The one of whom you have read earlier, and some will be new to you, which you will enjoy after reading and this information will also increase our General Knowledge too.

  • The maximum depth of the ocean is about 11 km (10923 m).
  • Almost half of the world’s population is in China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.
  • Pakistan’s “Makli Cemetery, Thatta” is the largest cemetery of Muslims. Millions of Muslims are buried, This cemetery is spread over a 6-mile long area.

General Knowledge Part 01

  • In the British Museum, a total of 1 crore and 30 million items are safe, which are gathered from all the continents.
  • A honeybee can fly up to 7 miles per hour.
  • Wheel fish live in water and gives milk too.
  • The discovery of the largest dinosaurs discovered weight is equivalent to 13 elephants.
  • The Dolphin is called the ocean player.
  • Snakes can survive for just two years without eating.
  • The frog does not have nails on their fingers.
  • The frog does not have the neck.
  • There is also a country in the world which is called the capital of crocodiles, which named is Columbia.
  • Intelligent creatures after humans are the spider.
  • The elephant’s brain is weighing 11 pounds, and it can run at a speed of 30 miles per hour.
  • The pigeon and the dove are considered the symbol of peace throughout the world.
  • Pakistan’s national flower is jasmine.
  • The most eaten fruit in the world is the banana.
  • The most eaten Vegetable in the World is the Potato.
  • If the moon is full, its light is more than nine times higher than the half moonlight.
  • On the moon the sunset color is black.
  • The needle is the invention of Hazrat Idrees “Alayhi As-Salaam”.
  • If placed a million atoms on a line, the thickness will be equal to a human hair.
  • One year on Mars is equal to two years on Earth.
  • Limestone and marble are the same things.
  • The world’s most precious metal is not Gold nor is the Diamond but is Platinum.

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