Human Brain Information Last Part 03

 Human Brain Information Last Part 03

Human Brain Last Part


At the end of the second part of this article, the 5 mysterious questions were presented which is happening with every human life, This mysterious question is related to the Human Brain, first, we know that what was that mysterious question?

1) Sometimes you have events that you think of what happened right now, but we do not get the answer, as you are sitting with friends or your family and conversations are going on suddenly, the same word or moment as you see, it seems like a moment has ever happened in life, The same Conversation has happened before or even strange things are with you, whose feelings you have realized earlier have already happened. You think that you do not remember, what is this?

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According to some psychologists, we have genetic memory in our brain, which is transferred to our brain in the form of our ancestors’ DNA and that is the reason it was happening when you sat with friends or your family, and the conversation was going on you have realized that it ever is happened in your life. You went to the new place, but you have realized I have already come here, it belongs from our genetic memory it had happened in our ancestor’s life or they had gone to that place when it moment comes before us than we ever realized it has happened in our life. According to the Hindu religion, it is defining our previous birth but it does not lie on scientific reason and science does not believe previous or next birth.
 2) You missed someone and suddenly came to the person’s call or message, Was it a consent, then what is this?

3) You are going to motorbike or car, from someplace or road, but you do not feel well going to that place, suddenly, any other problem has happened and you think that I was already feeling strange about coming here, what was to be felt like before? And what is this?

There are millions of neuron cell in Human Brain, mind black hole is a network and a scientist has not described it yet, we type any message and sent to it another person that our message is delivered to that person, same like that we missed someone and our mind black hole transferred our message to that person’s brain, and it indicates before an accident, Final destination movie is a good example for understanding how they saw before an accident, mind black hole work is a secret yet.

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4) Often do you hear any sound when you are sleeping or feeling sleepy?

When we go to sleep, Mind black hole starts to copy data from our consciousness, corrupted data have recovered during this process and we hear a sound or see moments in sleepy mode.

5) Before people died in medical death, they forget people and see their Ancestors, what happened with the human brain?

When people are dying in medical death all neuron cell and also long-term memory is started to destroy, during destroy long-term memory they forget everything and saw their ancestors.

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