Human Brain Information Part 02

 Human Brain Information Part 02

Humain Brain Knowledge


There is a universal presence between our two ears, it is very little to see, but its mysteries are huge, The part of the Human Brain that we spend all our lives, the interesting thing is that it is 5% of the brain and we use 2% of it. While the second part is so broad that it is also known as “Mind Black Hole”, it is a network of brain networks whose secret scientist cannot be explained yet.

There are millions of neuron cells in our mind, of which at least 200 neuron cell that controls our memory, their work is to keep our memory up to the last breath, How does the brain save all information? Every kind of memory is found in the brain, but it controls three basic memory which mentions below.

 Human Brain Sensory Memory (Sensory Neuron):

 It is used tasting, hearing and touching power.

Human Brain Short-term Memory:

It is used for temporary things such as phone numbers, accidental faces etc.

Human Brain Long-term Memory: 

This is the real memory which is known a life memory all the memories in our body is connected to it.

Human Brain:

When we go deep into sleep, Mind black hole starts copying our entire data, Our consciousness, memory can be destroyed, while the memory sent into the world of a  black hole is destroyed at the time of death. That’s why when a person’s memory is destroyed, his Mind black hole memory is recaptured, if we see the world of hypnotism, all information that is taken from the person there is taken from this part of the brain. There is no knowledge of consciousness. If we study ancient hypnotism, they were so skilled in the work that they would be hypnotized the mind and eliminated all conversations after taking necessary information, 18 and 19-century’s people contacted this brain part and it is used to treat people. Mind black hole if I described it in a single word, it is part of the Human Brain if the secrets are found, then the world will become more different from today. Man will be able to see the last corners of the universe sitting on this planet, This is the power of our Mind Black Hole section but God has kept it away from us.

  1. Sometimes you have events that you think of what happened right now but we do not get the answer, as you are sitting with friends or your family and conversations are going on suddenly, the same word or moment as you see, it seems like a moment has ever happened in life, The same Conversation has happened before or even strange things are with you, whose feelings you have realized earlier have already happened. You think that you do not remember, what is this?
  2. You missed someone and suddenly came to the person’s call or message, Was it a consent, then what is this?
  3. You are going to motorbike or car, from someplace or road, but you do not feel well going to that place, suddenly, any other problem has happened and you think that I was already feeling strange about coming here, what was to be felt like before? And what is this?
  4. Often do you hear any sound when you are sleeping or feeling sleepy?
  5. Before people die in medical death, they forget people and see their Ancestors, what is this?

There are some questions which also belong to the Human Brain, if I will post another part of the Human Brain so I will tell you how this question connected to the Human Brain and which power work it?

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