Human Brain Information Part 01

 Human Brain Information Part 01

Humain Brain


There is no doubt that the science has improved substantially and its growth is increasing more day by day, daily invention and new technology is being discovered, Science’s growing and new technology have made human life easier, But my personal opinion is that every technology is not beyond the human brain and it can be estimated that human has discovered it, Let’s I tell you some interesting facts about the brain you will be surprised after reading.


  1. The weight of an adult brain is approximately 3 pounds, the average weight of men’s brain is 2 to 9 pounds (1336 grams) and 2 to 6 pounds of women (1198 grams), But the big brain does not mean much intelligent, literally, Albert Einstein’s brain was weighing 2 to 7 pounds, yet he is one of the world’s intelligent humans.
  2. Your brain can generate electricity, which can brighten up to the 25-watt bulb.
  3. The human brain continues to the age of fifty years, then the size of the brain stopped.
  4. Your brain uses at least 20% of oxygen to the entire body.
  5. If any brain does not have feeling sense, then your mind never feels pain, our brain identifies and processes pain with the help of our spinal cord.
  6. The human brain consists 75% of water.
  7. The brain can easily store 2.5 petabytes information or 3millions of hours movie.

this is a short information about Human Brain I will tell you more about brain briefly in the next part and I will share most interesting things which will be interesting for you.

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