Founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

 Founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook

Computer Science has developed a lot and the Internet has made the life easier for humans, Social media on the Internet is given a lot of preference, there was an era when pigeons were used by messaging in one place to another place, but now it’s so easy to communicate with each other even if still what are you doing in everyday life and Where are you going You can tell all your friends through Facebook. Almost everyone uses Facebook, How Facebook started? Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is currently ranked in the world’s richest person, Mark Zuckerberg was born in New York on 14 May 1984, his father Edward Zuckerberg was a dentist, while his mother Karen Kempner was a psychiatrist. Mark Zuckerberg has a three sister. Mark was interested in the computer from childhood, at the age of 12, Mark also made a software for his father’s dental clinic. Mark was learned to design computer games in childhood. Looking at this hobby of Mark Zuckerberg, his father arranged a computer teacher at home, Mark began to study about the computer at high school. He also made a music software just 15 years old, Whose many companies have expressed the desire to buy. In 2002 Mark got admission in the world’s best university, Howard University, Mark had become very popular in Howard. Mark Zuckerberg made a very interesting software in Howard of his first year, his name was the course match, that helped to students choose their course and subject but Mark did not know that his life will change early. Mark Zuckerberg made a Facemash software in which he hacked the pictures of girls from Howard universities and told the people to vote, who is more beautiful, but he did just for fun and it became famous in the entire Howard University. Howard University’s own website had crashed and Howard University’s management decided to remove Mark from a university for some years, and this website was closed. After the removed from the University, Mark has come to mind the idea of Facebook and Mark started working on Facebook, in 2004 Mark left Howard University without completing his studies and took all his attention to Facebook. By the end of 2004, one million of users of Facebook had completed and By December 2005 Mark was successful to bring 6 millions of people to Facebook. With Facebook’s success, many companies also expressed an interest in Facebook that wanted to post ads on Facebook, but Mark did not accept anyone’s offer Mark Zuckerberg wanted Facebook to be the first worldwide, In March 2010, Times magazine also awarded to Mark Zuckerberg the person of the year, Mark get married in May of 19, 2012 and now he has a daughter. Today Mark Zuckerberg is the 5 richest men in the world, the people who know how to use the Internet in the world are usually present on the Facebook.

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