Ray Kroc and McDonald’s History

 Ray Kroc and McDonald’s History

McDonald’s History

McDonald’s History

What is McDonald’s History and How did the start world’s most famous fast food restaurant McDonald’s? it’s actually a family name which is called “The McDonald Family” and they belonged to England. In 1935 they shifted to the Hollywood in the United State, from this family two brothers Richard McDonald and Maurice McDonald used to work there, In 1937, his father shifted with the entire family to California, and he started there the small burger stall, this little food stall was started with an airport in California, where he used to sell Hot dogs and hamburger to the people. This little Burger stall had been almost 3 years, In 1940, both Richard McDonald and Maurice McDonald bought a small place in California and started a barbecue restaurant named McDonald’s barbecue. There were 25 types of food items on the menu, where most of the things were the barbecue, after 8 years, both brothers realized during this 8 years that they were selling the most profitable hamburger, both the brothers decided to finish all the rest of the food items from this restaurant, and just added hamburger, cheeseburger, chips, coffee and soft drinks to their menu and then the restaurant was named McDonald’s, and in the history the first-time self-service idea was started, people liked this concept and McDonald’s sales were increased day by day so that McDonald brothers decided that he will give his franchise to the people.

Biography Founder of KFC Colonel Sanders

McDonald’s first franchise was given to Ray Kroc, who opened another McDonald’s branch in California. Ray Kroc opened McDonald’s various franchises in many American cities within 2 years 100 McDonald’s franchises were opened. Ray Kroc was a very fast businessman, McDonald’s fastest service and cleaning of this restaurant and his burger and chips were very liked to people, in 1961 Ray Kroc decided to buy McDonald’s all rights from McDonald brothers, and offered 27 lakh US dollars to McDonald brother, McDonald brother was very pleased with this offer and he accepted this offer, as McDonald brothers sold McDonald’s to Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc reached McDonald’s to a new height in the next two years from his intellectual and great business skills, In 1963, Ray Kroc had been opened 500 restaurants throughout the United States. In 1967 Ray Kroc decided that McDonald’s branch will open to other countries and McDonald’s branch had opened in Canada. In 1972 McDonald’s had opened in every state at America, one of the 8 working people in the United States America has ever worked in McDonald’s, McDonald’s also has a university which name is McDonald’s hamburger university.

Interesting Facts about McDonald’s History

. McDonald’s first food item was a Hot Dog.

2. McDonald’s latest earned per day about $ 75 million USD.

3. In the McDonald’s restaurants, 80,000 people were graduated from McDonald’s hamburger university.

4. Bill Gates founder of Microsoft has a McDonald’s gold card for free fast food.

5. In France, Germany, Austria, Spain and Netherlands beer is available in McDonald’s.

6. McDonald’s sells almost 75 hamburger in every second.

7. McDonald’s sells a year more than 5 billion burgers.

8. McDonald’s sells fries per day about 9 million pounds.

9. In Tokyo Japan, the smallest McDonald’s restaurant is 492 square feet.

10. There are almost 35,429 McDonald’s restaurants available in all over the world

11. McDonald’s buys potatoes per year almost 3.4 billion pounds.

12 McDonald’s buys fresh apples per year 54 million pounds.

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