History of Mohenjo Daro or Mound of the Dead

 History of Mohenjo Daro or Mound of the Dead

Mohenjo Daro

The History of Mohenjo Daro

Mohenjo Daro was a center of ancient civilization in Sindh. Mohenjo Daro is a Sindhi word which means is the Mound of the Dead. It is located 27km from Larkana on the right bank of the river Indus and 80 kilometers from Sukkur. This city was existing in  2600 BC and ended in 1700 BC due to unknown reasons. According to experts and archaeologists, flood in the river Indus, outer invasion or great earthquake could be important reasons for which this city ended. Sir John Marshall was an English civil servant and In 1922, he discovered Mohenjo Daro. Mohenjo Daro was the world’s first urban plan – this is the city that was made for the first time under the urban plan. It was the first advanced Mega City in that era where Rainwater was stored for the whole year. Mohenjo Daro was the center of trade in that era, and goods from here were imported and exported in all over the world.

The civilization of the Mohenjo Daro belonged to society, their houses were prepared with the help of fried bricks. Their streets were made of strong bricks, from the present place, it seems that their houses were well furnished, including bathrooms and toilets. There was a wide road in the middle of which was the shopping center with shops on both sides. Consumer instruments exported from the Mohenjo Daro show that they had a salary farming. Trade and external trade for which they had entered pass or visa system for those coming to their city in Mohenjo Daro Which is considered the world’s oldest visa system.

The Destruction of Mohenjo Daro

1. According to archaeologists, no final thing about the destruction of this decent city could have been, but the Aria nation, which came from the northwestern of India 2000 years ago and attacks in Mohenjo Daro, it is a result of this attack. According to this, people of Mohenjo Daro are called respected, but they were unaware of the art of war, while Aria was a warrior and a brutal nation.

2. According to another archaeologist, there is no sign of injuries caused by any instrument on the human structures exported from here, this is not a war but perhaps a result of a natural disaster. But the question is that what is the reason for the Ariane civilization found here.

3. One with an opinion about the destruction of this city is that this ancient civilization was destroyed due to the major flood in the river Indus.

4. A well-known archaeologist of Britain, who claims that he studied ancient Hindu writings for 12 years and finally concluded that it is a result of a major battlefield in the past.  There was a nuclear war on a limited scale, and this whole disaster was the result of the same war.

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