Human Brain Information Last Part 03

INTERESTING INFORMATION ABOUT HUMAN BRAIN: At the end of the second part of this article, the 5 mysterious questions were presented which is happening with every human life, This mysterious question is related to the Human Brain, first, we know that what was that mysterious question? 1) Sometimes you have events that you think of […]

Human Brain Information Part 02

INTERESTING¬†INFORMATION ABOUT HUMAN BRAIN: There is a universal presence between our two ears, it is very little to see, but its mysteries are huge, The part of the Human Brain that we spend all our lives, the interesting thing is that it is 5% of the brain and we use 2% of it. While the […]

Human Brain Information Part 01

INFORMATION OF HUMAN BRAIN: There is no doubt that the science has improved substantially and its growth is increasing more day by day, daily invention and new technology is being discovered, Science’s growing and new technology have made human life easier, But my personal opinion is that every technology is not beyond the human brain […]