WhatsApp History and Founder of WhatsApp

 WhatsApp History and Founder of WhatsApp

WhatsApp History

WhatsApp History

There is no doubt that smartphone has grown rapidly in the past years and today there is a variety of applications available in every smartphone, in which WhatsApp is a unique and most popular application and has the best choice for smartphone users. WhatsApp History is that, this wonderful application WhatsApp developed by Jan Koum along with his friend Brian Acton. Jan Koum was born on February 24, 1976, in Ukrainian city Kiev. At that time, Jan Koum’s home financial condition was not good and his father was a labor. At that time the government and political situation in Ukraine were very disturbed and Jan Koum’s family was Jewish and due to the condition of the city, Jan Koum came to living at Mountain View in California with his mother and grandmother, where he was given a flat by the US government and after coming here his mother used to work as a babysitter and Jan Koum used to work for cleaning a shop. When Jan Koum was 18 years old, he was interested in computer programming and her mother admitted him to programming at San Jose State University.

 During studying, he started working in Ernst & Young Company as a security tester, then in 1997, he got the job in the Yahoo Company as an infrastructure engineer, and there he met Brian Acton in Yahoo company and got a good friend had become and for 9 years both worked for Yahoo Company. In 2009 both friends resigned the Yahoo Company and both went together for the South America tour, both of them applied to Facebook, but Facebook rejected them, then Jan Koum purchased the iPhone he also wanted to make a mobile application. Jan Koum went to meet his old friend Alex Fishman and both friends share their ideas for the application and after a long conversation, the word came on their language “what’s up” means what’s going on. Then Jan Koum started his new company and named the company WhatsApp corporation, the early day of the company was very bad Jan Koum rent a small home and made the office there, In 2010, WhatsApp Company had just earned $ 5000 USD. In 2011 WhatsApp had included Apple’s top 20 application, then the company’s income went up. By 2014, WhatsApp was so famous and Founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg called to Jan Koum for dinner and did a big deal, after 10 days Facebook company announced that the Facebook company has bought the WhatsApp application $19 Billion USD.

Interesting facts about WhatsApp History

There are some interesting facts about WhatsApp History listed below:

1. As of April 2015, WhatsApp ke pas 800 million se ziada active users the.

2. India mein WhatsApp pe active users ki kafi bari tadad payi jati hai.

3. WhatsApp pe 1 million se ziada users rozana registered hote hein.

4. As of January 2015, WhatsApp pe rozana 30 billion messages sent aur received kiye jate the.

5. WhatsApp pe rozana 700 million se ziada pictures shared kiye jate hein.

6. WhatsApp pe rozana 200 million se ziada voice notes shared kiye jate hein.

7. WhatsApp pe rozana 100 million se ziada video messages ko shared kiya jata hai.

8. WhatsApp pe users weekly basis  mein 195 minutes Average time guzarte hein.

9. Facebook ko WhatsApp  $19 billion mein kharidne se phele Google ne WhatsApp ko $ 10 billion mein purchased karne ki offered ki thi.

10. Social media mein mojood WhatsApp per 27% selfies shared ki jati hein.

11. WhatsApp ke founder Jan Koum ko 2008 mein Facebook ne job ke liye reject kiya tha.

12. Nokia series 40 phela non smart phone tha jo WhatsApp support tha.

13. Porane Mobile devices mein Nokia N95 WhatsApp chalane ke liye qabil tha.

14. Auguest 2014 mein WhatsApp Android Smart Watches mein Shamil tha.

15. January 2015 mein WhatsApp ne web client ko launched kiya tha taake WhatsApp users WhatsApp ko apne Computer aur Laptop mein WhatsApp ko istemal kar sake.

16. Whatsapp ka desktop Version Android, Blackberry aur Windows Phone users k liye mojood hai.

17. WhatsApp Android App mein top 5th mein aata hai.

18. WhatsApp user din mein average 23 dafa apne App ko check karte hen.

19. WhatsApp user ek mahine m average 1000 messages karte hein.

20. As of February 2015, WhatsApp global brands ranking 6th number pe tha.

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